Tuition rates

30 min. Class per week - $42 /month

1 Class per week - $65/month

2 Classes per week - $108/month

3 Classes per week - $148/month

4 Classes per week - $172/month

5 Classes per week - $195/month

6 Classes per week - $222/month

7 Classes per week - $231/month

8 Classes per week - $240/month

9 Classes per week - $252/month

For more than 9 classes per week, add $5 per class.

Example: 11 classes per week would be $262 a month

To pay for tuition online with your credit card, click here. If you have any billing or account questions, please email

ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE: All families must pay a non-refundable registration fee of $30 per family (which is assessed every March). If new students join after March, they will be prorated.

SIBLINGS DISCOUNT: If you have two students from the same family taking classes, you could qualify for the Sibling Discount. In order to qualify, the total number of classes between two siblings must be at least 6 classes. Contact the front desk for details on how to apply for the Sibling Discount.