Class descriptions

for 1.5 to 6 year-olds

Mommy & Me:

For our youngest dancers starting at 1.5 years old, this class will explore the basics of ballet and tap, while engaging in activities essential to development in coordination, recognizing music and rhythms, counting and timing, and self-confidence. This is a fun and exciting opportunity for Moms to be a part of their child's dance education.

Intro to Dance:

This is a class for our little dancers ages 2.5 to 3 year olds. They learn easy movement patterns and beginning dance techniques in a creative environment. Dancers' hair needs to be pulled back in a bun. Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and black tap shoes are required (skirt optional).


This class introduces 3-4 year olds to the world of dance through creative dance movements, ballet and tap technique, and choreographed routines. Dancers' hair needs to be pulled back in a bun. Pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, black leotard, and pink tights are required (skirt optional). 


This class is for 5-6 year olds and teaches them ballet and tap techniques and terminology in a fun and positive atmosphere. This class improves a dancer's flexibility and balance while emphasizing proper body placement. Dancers' hair needs to be pulled back in a bun. Pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, black leotard, and pink tights are required (skirt optional). 

Hip Hop/Jazz:

This class is for 5-6 year olds. They will improve flexibility and balance while learning jazz technique. They will also have fun learning hip-hop routines. Dancers can wear black leotard or tank top, jazz pants or shorts, and will need to have black jazz shoes and tennis shoes. 

Acro Mini:

This class introduces fundamental tumbling and acrobatics to ages 3-6. It will improve flexibility, agility, and strength in young dancers. They will learn skills such as cartwheels, summersaults etc.

Class descriptions

for Ages 7+


Ballet is the foundation for all dance styles. We emphasize proper ballet technique while learning ballet's very complex language and terminology. Dancers improve turnout, posture, strength, balance, and flexibility. They will do ballet barre, stretch, and center exercises (which includes petite and grand allegro, adagio, and pirouettes). Dancers will need to wear a leotard, tights, and ballet shoes, and hair must be pulled back. Dancers at higher levels are encouraged to take more than one ballet class per week.


This is an upbeat and stylized type of dance that combines the technique of ballet with most of the moves done in a parallel position with isolations of the body while also including kicks, turns, and leaps. Class consists of a warm up that includes stretching, strength training, balance exercises, across the floors, and choreographed routines. We will have different styles of jazz from jazz-funk to musical theater jazz to contemporary.   


This is a style that combines both ballet and jazz techniques and is done to slower music. Dancers learn to connect their dance moves and emotion to music while working on proper technique, body alignment, extension, and style. 


This style is very interpretive in its choreography and often focuses on emotions and storytelling, Contemporary dance is made up of many styles so it can vary quite a bit as teachers have more freedom within the style to explore movement. It mixes the styles of ballet, jazz, lyrical, modern and hip hop. 


This is a fun and energetic form of dance done to hip hop or rap music. This style of dance includes intricate and fast moves while dancers learn musicality and how to do both sharp and flowing hip hop moves. At A Step Above, we believe that this style of dance should be appropriate, so we edit and only use appropriate music. We also don’t do any booty popping or shaking. Dancers need to wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes.


This class teaches tap techniques combining both rhythmic and Broadway style.  

Turns and Leaps:

This class is a great technique class that explores different kinds of kicks, leaps, turns, and tricks.


This is a floor gymnastics class meant to help dancers work on tricks from beginning moves like somersaults and cartwheels to more advanced gymnastic moves like hand-balancing, back handsprings, aerials, and back tucks.

Progressing Ballet Technique:

PBT is a unique body-conditioning and -strengthening program designed to train vital skills and enhance technique. PBT utilizes ballet exercises and exercise balls to correct alignment, increase coordination, and clarify muscle engagement. PBT targets core strength, improves alignment, prevents injury, and builds the muscle memory needed in order to advance in any dance technique (not only ballet!). Class will consist of floor work and exercise ball work (no ballet shoes needed).