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Ages 7-12


Studio 1

3:15/4:15p Turns/Leaps II (7-11yr) Miss Lauren

4:15/5:15p Ballet II (8-11yr) Miss Maura

6:15/7:15p Ballet III (9-12yr) Miss Maura

Studio 2

4/5p Jazz I (7-11yr) Miss Michelle

5/5:45p Tap I (7yr+)  Miss Amanda

5:45/6:45p Hip-Hop I (7-11yr) Miss Michelle

Studio 3

5:15/6:15p Jazz II (8-12) Miss Gabbie

6:15/7p Tap IV (10+) Miss Amanda

7/8p Hip-Hop I (12+) Preparing to start! 

Studio 4

5:15/6:15p Jazz III* (9-12yr) Miss Chelsey

7/8p Jazz I (10yr+) Miss Abby

8/9p Turns & Leaps I (10yr+) Miss Abby


Studio 1

4/4:45p Pointe 1.A** (10yr+) Teacher Approval

4:45/5:45p Ballet IV (9-12yr) Miss Maura

5:45/6:45p Lyrical II* (8-11yr) Miss Kathie

8/9p Stretch & Strength (12yr+) Preparing to start!

Studio 2

4/4:45p Tap II (8yr+) Miss Lauren

5:30/6:30p Hip-Hop I (7-11yr) Miss Michelle

6:45/7:45p Lyrical II.B/III* (9-12yr) Miss Kathie

6:30/7:30p Progressing Dance Technique (7+) Preparing to start! 

Studio 3

6/6:45p Tap III (9yr+) Miss Lauren


Studio 1

4/5p Hip-Hop II (8-11yr) Miss Gabbie

5/6p Hip-Hop I (7-11yr) Miss Gabbie

6/7p Hip-Hop I (12yr+) Miss Michelle

Studio 2

5/6p Ballet I (7-11yr) Miss Abby

6/7p Jazz I (7-9yr) Miss Abby

7/8p Lyrical 1.B (12yr+) Miss Abby

Studio 3

4/5p Ballet I.B (6-9yr) Miss Abby

6/7p Contemporary II.B* (10-14yr) Miss Chelsey

7/8p Contemporary II (8-12yr) Miss Kelsey

Studio 4

3/4p Jazz II (8-11yr) Miss Chelsey

4/5:15p Jazz IV* (10-14yr) Miss Chelsey

5:15p/6p Hip Hop IV (10-14yr) Miss Chelsey

6/7p Acro III* (9yr+)Miss Daisy

7/8p Acro I (7yr+) Miss Daisy


Studio 1

5p/6p Hip Hop III (9-12yr) Miss Gabbie

6p/7p Ballet II (11-15yr) Miss Maura

7/8p Ballet I (10yr+) Miss Maura

Studio 2

6/7p Hip Hop I (7-11yr) Miss Gabbie

7/8p Hip Hop II (12yr+) Miss Gabbie

8/9pm Jazz II* (12+) Miss Gabbie

Studio 3

6:15/7:15p Acro I (7yr+) Miss Daisy

Studio 4

4/5p Acro II (7yr+) Miss Daisy

7:15/8:15p Acro II (7yr+) Miss Daisy


Studio 1

4/5p Jazz Funk II Miss Lauren

5/6p Lyrical I (12+) Miss Lauren

6/7p Choreography & Improve (13+) Invite ONLY.

Studio 2

3:30/4:30p Lyrical I (7-11) Miss Kathie

4:30/5:30p Lyrical I/I.B (7-11) Miss Kathie

5:30/6:30p Ballet I (7-11) Miss Kathie

6:30/7:30p Progressing Dance Technique (7+) Preparing to start! 

Studio 3

3:30/4:30p Turns/Leaps I (7-11) Miss Abby

4:30/5:30p Ballet I Miss Abby

5:30/6:30p Lyrical I (10-14) Miss Abby

Studio 4

4/5p Ballet I (12+) Miss Maura


Studio 1

11a/12p Ballet I (7-11yr) Miss Michelle

12/1p Ballet II (8-11yr) Miss Michelle

1/2p Hip-Hop I (7-11yr) Miss Michelle

Studio 2

11a/12p Jazz II.B* (9-12yr) Miss Gabbie

Studio 3

11a/12p Lyrical I (6-8yr) Miss Kathie

12/1p Progressing Dance Technique (7yr+) Preparing to start

1/2p Turns & Leaps I (7-11yr) Preparing to start!

Studio 4

10a/11a Jazz I (7-11yr) Miss Gabbie

12/1p Turns/Leaps II/III (10yr+) Preparing to start! 

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