Welcome to our recital FAQ section. Below you will find almost everything you will need to make an informed decision to have your student perform in our annual recital. We update this throughout the year, so if you have a question that is not answered within this section we'll add the answer. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. Q. Why are there two costumes for my child's combo class? A. If your student is enrolled in any combo class (Pre Ballet/Tap, Ballet/Tap, HipHop/Jazz, etc.), your child will perform a dance for each style to show off all they have learned. Your child will perform both dances in the same show.  
  2. Q. What if my student grows prior to the annual recital and the costume doesn't fit? A. We have a measurement guide for anticipating any growth that is listed in the beginning of each Costume Info pdf. Costumes can always be taken in, but can not be let out. 
  3. Q. Are the costumes mine to keep after the recital? A. Yes. Your payment is to own the costume.
  4. Q. What if my student has to miss a class? Will they not be allowed to perform now? A. Your student is allowed to miss no more than 3 classes. After 3 are missed, we will connect with the parent/guardian to discuss the next step. Your child's spot in the dance may be changed if your child doesn't know parts. If the child is behind they may need a private to catch up and this is an additional fee as the teacher will need to come in to work one on one with them. In rare cases, if the student only has a small amount of choreography learned, their time on stage would be cut to reflect what they know. 
  5. Q. Is there a recital fee? If so, are parents tickets included? A. There’s a $75 recital fee due in May that includes your professional photos of your dancer in their costume(s), digital copies of all the shows & a cast t-shirt. Recital tickets are not included in the package fee. Tickets will go on sale the first week of June. A link to a 3rd party website will be sent out to you through email. Tickets cost roughly $25.00-$30.00 per person depending on the venue chosen (3rd party service fees are not calculated in this total). Please make sure you have the correct email with us so that you do not miss any important information.

recital costume measurement guide