COVID-19 prevention policies

IF YOUR STUDENT HAS ANY COLD, FLU, OR COVID-19 SYMPTOMS (INCLUDING AND NOT LIMITED TO: cough, fever, shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, runny rose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea), THEY MUST NOT ATTEND CLASS - HAVE THEM STAY HOME!


Upon Arrival:

Students should have a mask to enter the studio
Arrive in slip-on street shoes
Bring a packed dance bag with all dance shoes
Students should already be in dance attire
We ask students to bring a water bottle (labeled with name)
Bring snacks (if needed during a break)

1.) Our lobbies are open for all. We only ask that any unvaccinated adults and any children under the age of 18 wear a mask while in our facilities. 

2.) All students should have a mask to enter the studio (social distancing protocols are in place during class). Once inside the class and properly spaced apart, students may remove their mask if they have gotten prior parent/guardian approval.

3.) Once in the lobby students will change their shoes and then enter the classroom placing their belongings in the proper place inside the lobby.

4.) One by one students will wash their hands and then return to their place in the classroom.

5.) We are asking parents to assist their students when they need to use the restroom. 

6.) When class ends, students are to put their masks back on in order to exit. 

7.) Class time has been adjusted  to allow for the above process to happen.


-If your dancer is in hip-hop, they need to pack a pair of tennis shoes with the soles of the shoes pre-wiped down. This pair of tennis shoes is in addition to the "street" shoes they wear to the studio.

-If a student is attending a ballet class, they should wear their leotard under everything. Students can attend class without tights if overheating is an issue.

-Please review these procedures with your student.
-Also, due to these new procedures please arrive on time. If you happen to be late please do not skip any of the above policies. 


Safety measures we've put in place

We ask that all students, families, and staff observe these measures. 

Precautions we have taken:

  •       Hand sanitizer is available in each lobby
  •       Classroom space has been spaced out with floor markings to maintain social distancing rules
  •       Installed touch-less/automated faucets in each bathroom (soap dispensers are already touch-                          less/automated)
  •       We have purchased backup, disposable face masks for any student who forgets theirs
  •       Each studio lobby has a plug-in Air Purifier system with HEPA filtration (which removes over 99% of                  airborne pollutants down to 0.1 microns)
  •       Teachers will be required to conduct a self-health screening including taking their temperature at their            home every day they work/prior to class (CDC outlines how this is to be conducted)
  •       High traffic areas are cleaned and sanitized during business hours. 
  •       Teachers will wipe down ballet barres at beginning of each class (if the barres will be used).
  •       Students are required to wash hands prior to each class starting (while the class warms up, one student        at a time will be sent to wash their hands).
  •       Teachers will be required to wash hands frequently. 
  •       All staff are to wear masks (regardless of vaccination) while inside studio facilities. 

Note: Each studio space is cleaned thoroughly after each day of classes.