annual recital - general info

Every June, A Step Above creates and hosts an annual dance recital. The recital is an opportunity for a dancer to perform in front of friends and family in a professional atmosphere (local theatre, costumes, and rehearsed choreography). 

    • Recital session begins each January and focuses on choreography
    • Our Fall session focuses on technique and typically begins each August.
    • Each annual recital consists of several shows spread out across 4 days. 
    • Each annual recital also has mandatory rehearsals that each class is required to participate in. Rehearsals can range from 3 - 5 days. 
    • 2024 Recital week will take place June 17th - 23rd at El Camino High School Truax Theatre
    • Picture week takes place June 4-6th at ASA (no picture makeups)
    • Each student is required to attend each of their classes from January until the week of recital in June.
    • In the event of serious illness, hospitalization, or a death in the family, absences will be excused. 
    • On average, each costume costs $75.00-$100.00 and usually includes a combination of accessories (number and type of accessory vary).
    • Each class will have a different costume they perform in. Combo classes will have two costumes to purchase. 
    • Foundational pieces required for each class (tights, shoes, leotard, etc.) are the parent/guardian responsibility to purchase and is not included in the costume price.
    • The balance for all costumes are due in early January and are non-refundable.
    • Any alterations needed is the parent's and/or guardian's responsibility, please order costumes accordingly  
    • All students who choose to perform in the recital are assessed a mandatory $75.00 Recital Package Fee in May. This fee covers professional recital photos of each dance a student is in, access to digital copies of all shows, and a cast t-shirt. If package fee is not paid by May 7th, your student will not be able to perform in the recital. 
    • A professional photo shoot is set up during the month of June at the studio to capture each class in their recital costume. The digital rights to your student's photos are provided as part of the Recital Package Fee. 
    • Our venue is the Truax Theater located at El Camino High School in Oceanside. 
    • Each show requires tickets to view. Seats are assigned seating.
    • Recital tickets are through an online 3rd party and go on sale at the beginning of June. Tickets range from $25.00 - $30.00 per ticket (price depends on venue). 
    • Mandatory Rehearsal is usually the week of the show. Rehearsal allows your student to run their routine on stage, in full costume and make-up. 
    • We typically host 6-8 shows depending on the number of students performing in the recital. Shows normally take place on a Thursday - Sunday. Shows average 2.5 hours. Note: If your student is taking multiple classes, the chances are higher they will be performing across multiple shows. Also, siblings don't perform in the same show if they are in different classes.
  • All dates are subject to change.

    January through June  - Students attend classes to learn and practice their recital piece. 

    March - Studio Registration Fee is Due of $30 and Late Costume Order Form & Payment is due

    May - Recital Package Fee is due of $75 per student

    June - Rehearsal & Shows

    September  - Recital photos & videos are delivered

    • Purchasing the costume for your specific class(es)
    • Altering the costume (if for any reason it does not fit properly) is the parent/guardian's responsibility. 
    • Student must attend all classes leading up to the rehearsal and show.  Up to 3 missed classes are allowed. No classes can be missed in the months of May and June.
    • If your student is ever sick but feeling well enough to watch, we suggest the student ZOOM in to learn or video the choreography. 
    • Dress rehearsal is mandatory. Your student(s) must attend in order to perform in the actual show. 
    • All dancers are required to arrive 45min early to the recital venue on the day of their actual show.