MONDAY, MAY 27, 2019 (updated 5/20/19)

Time                                    Class Day/Time

9:00am-9:20am                 Intro to Dance Mon 8:30am (Ms. Gabbie)- “Twister”

9:20am-9:40am                 Pre-Ballet/Tap Mon 10am (Ms. Gabbie)- “Jungle Party”

9:40am-10:00am                 Intro to Dance Mon 9:30am (Ms. Gabbie)- “Twister”

10:00pm-10:20am                 Pre-Ballet/Tap Mon 10am (Ms. Gabbie)- “Post Office”

3:20pm-3:40pm                 Jazz I Mon 4:00pm- “Mario Kart”

3:40pm-4:00pm                 Ballet II Mon 4:15pm- “The Cat Game”

4:00pm-4:20pm                 Jazz III Mon 4pm- “Escape the Portal”

4:20pm-4:40pm                 Hip Hop I Mon 4:15pm- “Magic Labyrinth Board Game”

4:50pm-5:10pm                 Ballet III Mon 5:15pm- “When I Dream”

5:10pm-5:30pm                 Jazz III Mon 5:15pm- “House of Cards”

5:30pm-5:50pm                 Hip Hop I.B Mon 5pm- “Heads Up 7 Up”

5:50pm-6:10pm                 Jazz II Mon 5:15pm- “Simon Says”

6:10pm-6:30pm                 Hip Hop I Mon 6pm- “Tug-o-War”

6:30pm-6:50pm                 Tap IV/V Mon 6:15pm- “The Gauntlet”

7:00pm-7:20pm                 Ballet III Mon 6:15pm- “Candy Crush”

7:20pm-7:40pm                 Hip Hop IV Mon 6:15pm- “The Queen”

7:40pm-8:00pm                 Hip Hop I Mon 7pm- “Touchdown”

8:00pm-8:20pm                 Elite Company Contemporary “The Psychology Behind Your Next Move”

8:20pm-8:40pm                 Jazz I Mon 7pm- “Oregon Trail”

8:40pm-9:00pm                 Contemporary IV Mon 7pm- “The Winner Takes All”

TUESDAY, MAY 28, 2019


Time                            Class Day/Time

3:00pm-3:20pm         Pre-Ballet/Tap Wed 3pm(Ms. Michele)- “Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Do Your Chores”

3:20pm-3:40pm         Ballet/Tap Wed 3pm (Ms. Alex)- “Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure”

3:40pm-4:00pm         Pre-Ballet/Tap Wed 3pm (Ms. Michele)- “Pat-A- Cake”

4:00pm-4:20pm         Ballet/Tap Wed 3pm (Ms. Alex)- “Dance Dance Revolution”

4:30pm-4:50pm         Ballet/Tap Tues 3pm (Ms. Christa)- “Charades”

4:50pm-5:10pm         Jazz IV Tues 4:15pm- “Temple Run”

5:10pm-5:30pm         Ballet/Tap Tues 3pm (Ms. Christa)- “Minecraft”

5:30pm-5:50pm         Tap I Tues 4:45pm- “Trouble”

5:50pm-6:10pm         Pointe I.A Tues 3:45pm- “Bridge Club”

6:10pm-6:30pm         Tap II Tues 4pm- “Uno”

6:30pm-6:50pm         Ballet IV Tues 4:45pm- “Step and Play Piano”

7:00pm-7:20pm         Lyrical II/III Tues 5:45pm- “Battleship”

7:20pm-7:40pm         Contemporary III Tues 6:45pm- “If I Had a Boat”

7:40pm-8:00pm         Hip Hop II Thurs 8pm- “Game of Life”

8:00pm-8:20pm         Hip Hop I Tues 5:30pm- “Tug-O-War”

8:20pm-8:40pm         Jazz II Thurs 8pm- “Sorry”

8:40pm-9:00pm         Tap III Tues 6:30pm- “Basketball”


Time                             Class Day/Time

3:00pm-3:20pm         Hip Hop/Jazz I Wed 3pm (Ms. Gabbie)- “Guess Who”

3:20pm-3:40pm         Jazz II Wed 3pm-“Circus Charlie”

3:40pm-4:00pm         Hip Hop/Jazz I Wed 3pm (Ms. Gabbie)- “Family Feud”

4:00pm-4:20pm         Ballet I Wed 5pm-“Follow the Leader”

4:20pm-4:40pm         Ballet/Tap I Wed 4pm (Ms. Michele)- “Elefun”

4:40pm-5:00pm         Ballet I.B Wed 4pm- “Time’s Up”

5:00pm-5:20pm         Ballet/Tap I Wed 4pm (Ms. Michele)- “I Spy”

5:20pm-5:40pm         Hip Hop II Wed 4pm- “My Feelings Game”

5:50pm-6:10pm         Acro I Wed 7pm- “Copycat Game”

6:10pm-6:30pm         Hip Hop I Wed 5pm- “Doctor Panic”

6:30pm-6:50pm         Jazz IV Wed 4pm- “World Domination”

6:50pm-7:10pm         Jazz I Wed 6pm- “Karaoke Revolution”

7:10pm-7:30pm         Contemporary II.B/III Wed 6pm- “Stranded Deep”

7:40pm-8:00pm         Hip Hop IV Wed 5:15pm- “Fighting Fires”

8:10pm-8:30pm         Contemporary II Wed 7pm- “Inspired by Asteroids”

8:40pm-9:00pm         Acro III Wed 6pm- “Suspicion”

THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2019


Time                            Class Day/Time

2:40pm-3:00pm         Pre-Ballet/Tap Thurs 10am (Ms. Michele)- “Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody do your chores”

3:00pm-3:20pm         Pre-Ballet/Tap Thurs 3pm (Ms. Gabbie)- “Jungle Party”

3:20pm-3:40pm         Pre-Ballet/Tap Thurs 10am (Ms. Michele)- “Pat-A-Cake”

3:40pm-4:00pm         Pre-Ballet/Tap Thurs 3pm (Ms. Gabbie)- “Post Office”

4:00pm-4:20pm         Pre-Ballet/Tap Thurs 4pm (Ms. Alex)- “Monkey in a Barrel”

4:20pm-4:40pm         Ballet Variations Thurs 3pm-“Swanhilda and Her Friends”

4:40pm-5:00pm         Pre-Ballet/Tap Thurs 4pm (Ms. Alex)- “The Freeze Dance”

5:00pm-5:20pm         Ballet II.C Thurs 4pm-“The Tribe Has Spoken”

5:30pm-5:50pm         Hip Hop III Thurs 7pm-“Where’s Waldo”

5:50pm-6:10pm         Jazz II.B Thurs 7pm-“Roller Coaster Tycoon”

6:10pm-6:30pm         Jazz/Contemp III Thurs 5pm- “The Dating Game”

6:30pm-6:50pm         Acro II Thurs 4pm- “Twister”

6:50pm-7:10pm         Hip Hop I Thurs 6pm-“Dr. Panic”

7:10pm-7:30pm         Ballet II Thurs 6pm-“Hop Scotch”

7:30pm-7:50pm         Acro I Thurs 6pm- “Musical Chairs”

7:50pm-8:10pm         Acro II/III Thurs 7pm-“Freeze Tag”

8:10pm-8:30pm         Ballet IV Thurs 8:15pm-“Taking Flight”

8:40pm-9:00pm         Pointe I.B Thurs 7:15pm-“The Joker’s Lament”

FRIDAY, MAY 31, 2019 

Time                            Class Day/Time

3:20pm-3:40pm         Lyrical I Fri 3:30pm- “Red Rover”

3:40pm-4:00pm         Ballet I Fri 4pm- “Piano Tiles”

4:00pm-4:20pm         Lyrical I.B Fri 4:30pm- “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego”

4:20pm-4:40pm         Ballet I Fri 4:30pm- “Matching Game”

4:40pm-5:00pm         Hip Hop I Wed 6pm- “Touchdown”

5:00pm-5:20pm         Lyrical II/II.B Fri 6pm- “Labyrinth”

5:30pm-5:50pm         Lyrical III/IV Fri 7pm- “Shadows in the Forest”

5:50pm-6:10pm         Lyrical II Wed 8pm- “Don’t Break The Ice”

6:10pm-6:30pm         Lyrical I Fri 5pm- “Hide and Seek”

6:30pm-6:50pm         Ballet I.B Fri 5:30pm-“Zelda”

6:50pm-7:10pm         Ballet I Thurs 5pm- “Jenga”

6:50pm-7:10pm         Jazz Funk II Fri 5pm-“Explode”

7:10pm-7:30pm         Lyrical I Fri 5:30pm- “Flash Pointe- Fire Rescue”

7:40pm-8:00pm         Lyrical  I.B Wed 7pm- “Disney Trivia”

8:20pm-8:40pm         Ballet II.A Mon 8:15pm- “Explore the World"

8:40pm-9:00pm         Ballet II.B Mon 7:15pm- “Royals”


Time                            Class Day/Time

8:30am-8:50am         Intro to Dance Saturday 8:30am (Ms. Alex)- “Leap Frog”

8:50am-9:10am         Pre-Ballet/Tap Sat 9am (Ms. Alex)-“Monkey in a Barrel”

9:10am-9:30am         Pre-Ballet/Tap Sat 9am (Ms. Alli)- “Ariel’s Story Studio”

9:30am-9:50am         Pre-Ballet/Tap Sat 9am (Ms. Alex)- “Freeze Dance”

9:50am-10:10am       Pre-Ballet/Tap Sat 9am (Miss Alli)- “Hot Potato”

10:20am-10:40am     Lyrical Sat 11am- “Speak Out”

10:40am-11:00am     Pre-Ballet/Tap Sat 10am (Miss Michele)- “Follow the Leader”

11:00am-11:20am     Ballet/Tap Sat 10am (Miss Alli)- “Parachute”

11:20am-11:40am     Pre-Ballet/Tap Sat 10am (Miss Michele)- “I’m a Little Fish”

11:40am-12:00pm     Ballet/Tap II Sat 11am (Miss Alli)- “I Can Do That”

12:00pm-12:20pm     Ballet/Tap Sat 10am (Miss Alli)- “Shadow Puppets Theater”

12:20pm-12:40pm     Ballet/Tap II Sat 11am (Miss Alli)- “Duck Duck Goose”

12:40pm-1:00pm       Break

1:00pm-1:20pm         Hip Hop/Jazz Sat 9am- “Bubble Gum”

1:20pm-1:40pm         Ballet I Sat 11am- “Simon Says”

1:40pm-2:00pm         Hip Hop/Jazz Sat 9am- “Double Dutch”

2:05pm-2:25pm         Father Daughter (5-6)- “Batman and Robin”

2:25pm-2:45pm         Father Daughter (7-18)- “Cops and Robbers”

2:45pm-3:05pm         Jazz I Sat 10am- “Karaoke Revolution”

SUNDAY, JUNE 9, 2019 

Time                             Class Day/Time

11:35am-11:55am     Ballet IV Tues 6:45pm-“The Allies”

11:55am-12:00pm     Break to Change

12:00pm-12:20pm     Ballet III.A Tues 5:45pm- “Discovery Under the Seas”

12:20pm-12:40pm     Pre-Teen Company Lyrical-“Playing with Parachutes”

12:40pm-1:00pm       Lyrical III Wed 7pm-“Mrs. White’s Story”

1:00pm-1:20pm         Ballet II Sat 12pm- “Fix You”

1:20pm-1:40pm         Senior Company Jazz- “Skip the Charades”

1:40pm-2:00pm         Jazz II.B Sat 11am-“Dominoes”

2:00pm-2:20pm         Large Group Company Ballet- “Ace Beats King”

2:20pm-2:40pm         Mini  Company Jazz-“Queen of Hearts”

2:40pm-3:00pm         Junior Company Jazz-“Battle Cry

3:00pm-3:30pm         Staff Break

3:30pm-3:50pm         Hip Hop Crew- “Rockem Sockem Robots”

3:50pm-4:10pm         Pointe II Tues 8pm-“Mrs. Pacman”

4:10pm-4:30pm         Petite Company Contemporary-“Checkers”

4:30pm-4:50pm         Pre-Teen Company Jazz-“Princess Peach”

4:50pm-5:10pm         Petite Company Jazz “Coin Dozer”

5:10pm-5:30pm         Jr. Company Contemporary-“Time Traveler”

5:30pm-5:50pm         Small Group Ballet- “Coo-Coo”

5:50pm-6:10pm         Mini Company Contemporary - “Playground”

6:20pm-6:40pm         Opener-“Monopoly”

6:50pm-7:10pm         Closer-“Game Over”

7:15pm-7:35pm         Elite Company Jazz “Trenches”

7:35pm-7:55pm         Senior Company Contemporary “Poker”

7:55pm-8:15pm         Elite Company Lyrical “Pandemic”