Music     Our instructors screen the music used in class. No explicit lyrics or adult content here.

Hand Holding Heart    Positive feedback and reinforcement is the best way to develop students. We never shame.

T-Shirt   We believe your student's attire (dress code & recital costumes) should be age appropriate - Nothing racy or provocative.

Laughing Squinting Face   We strive to create a fun and energetic environment for our students. Combining that with proper technique and style allows us to inspire young dancers. 

Our mission is simple...

We exist to instill the love of dance into each student. This happens in an environment marked by encouragement and positive reinforcement. And we are just as passionate about this 10 years in!

The benefits of dance

bookmark    Helps boost mood

bookmark    Great mental exercise

bookmark    Improves balance

bookmark    Builds strength

bookmark    Develops flexibility

bookmark    Can help with self confidence and self esteem