we're a family centric studio.

  • conscientious music selection

    Not only do our instructors screen the music we use in class for explicit lyrics, they also screen for content. 

  • Proper COSTUMES

    We have strong convictions regarding dress code and recital costumes. We believe your student's attire should be age appropriate. That's why you'll never see your student in anything racy or provocative on stage.

  • FUN + Challenging ENVIRONMENT

    We love to have fun! We strive to create a fun and energetic environment for our students. Combining that with proper technique and style allows us to inspire young dancers. 


    We truly care! We want to see each student reach their potential. We believe positive feedback is one of the best ways to develop students. 

AFFORDABLe classes

When studio director Chelsey Geddis was growing up, her family couldn't afford to take her to the local dance studio. When she was old enough, she got an internship at a local  studio. That internship allowed her to take classes for free. Without the internship, she wouldn't have been able to afford dance training. Years later, that experience has impacted how she runs A Step Above. She believes everyone with a passion for dance should have a chance to attend a studio.

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